Week 65 – The more, the merrier


Really cool things happened in November. Not only it was Pau’s birthday (happy barry, little munchkin!) but we also took a car and went for a road trip around the Highlands. It was short but intense, and the beauty of Scotland was not disappointing at all. Even better: where we thought it would be just my favourite two Catalans and me,  we expanded the group with a fourth traveller and now I don’t have two but THREE favourite Catalans! How many favourite Catalans do you have, huh? That’s what I thought…

To begin with, I present a series of pictures of Rexie, our pet._DSC5789.jpgThis is him in Inverness, sunbathing next to river Ness. A lil’ T-Rex made by Carlos out of the wire cage of a champagne bottle. Cool, right?

_DSC5791.jpgHe loved us, followed everywhere… We loved him too.

_DSC5792.jpg_DSC5795.jpgHe really enjoyed Inverness. The sun, the river, the Inverness Castle…

_DSC5856.jpgThat’s him being all international at the hostel in Inverness.

_DSC5858.jpgAnd that’s him at Urquhart Castle, trying to catch Pau’s attention for a selfie with him. Didn’t succeed, though… Rude.

Ehem… Well, then… Now… OKAY I ADMIT IT I LOST REXIE I LOST HIM ALRIGHT FINE! So that’s him for now. Or forever. Long life Rexie. He was lost in a very nice landscape, so hope you find inner peace. Sorry though.

And now, the real ones!

_DSC5808.jpgSay hi to my co-travellers’ butts. ‘Cause that’s pretty much what I saw the whole weekend! Disadvantages of being a photographer… or not. I mean… lovely butts, guys. They didn’t get to see mine, so there you go.

_DSC5811.jpg_DSC5817.jpgI wonder what are they talking about when I’m not there…

_DSC5820.jpgVery cool reflection of the Inverness Castle on a bar!

_DSC5840.jpg_DSC5834.jpgWe found the BBC Scotland building! Gave our CV’s but nah… still nothing. Thanks to Clara for the picture! 🙂

_DSC5849.jpgNice view of Inverness and the river!

_DSC5845.jpgThat Instagram picture…

_DSC5850.jpgIt was quite chilly… and slippery!

_DSC5855.jpgOn behalf of the four of us, we would just like you to take a look at this creepy af Marilyn… If she could see this, she’d probably die again! Good Lord…

_DSC5852.jpgCarlos, how come you are always there…?

_DSC5877.jpgSo we discovered Nessieland… the biggest failure of Scotland. For instance, two Nessies? Then, more than ten different versions of the monster on a gift shop? Everything was closed? Signs warning about cameras filming but no cameras anywhere? C’mon, guys, you can do better than this.

_DSC5926.jpg_DSC5944.jpg_DSC5935.jpgLook at us!!! 🙂

_DSC5952.jpgWait Carlos, what… No! No! WHAT?!!!_DSC5954.jpgOh no…

_DSC5980.jpg_DSC5972.jpg_DSC5990.jpgBeautiful views at Stonehaven.


_DSC5993.jpgOK, Carlos, wtf…?

_DSC6012.jpgSt Cyrus beach. And that on the left looking like a giant that just fell…


_DSC6061.jpg_DSC6042_1.jpgBoy band pic.

_DSC6085.jpgAnd back home, had to stop to take this picture. Nice view of the Queensferry bridge.

And so this is it. Thanks to Pau, Carlos and Clara for being so amazing and not leaving me behind for taking pictures to every single atom in the world. I hope they had as much fun as I did that weekend!

#todomal #todobien


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